Crosland Emmons was created around the vision that lighting can define the tone of any space. These lights are seen as sculpture first – filling a utilitarian need. Each light is a work of art that is hand crafted and built in our studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

From print to product, Crosland Emmons draws on the experience of its founders, who have spent more than 20 years entrenched in the architecture and design community. With artistic foundations – Crosland studying at Beaus Artes in San Miguel de Allende and Emmons at the Savannah College of Art and Design – the two set upon a journey to not only create ways to engage the audiences with clients’ products in a unique and dynamic manner, but ultimately craft a product of their own. One that would combine their love for art, form, and function to transform and illuminate a space. Crosland Emmons lighting pieces are treated individually – designed to be customizable and not only accessorize a room, but also make a declaration. Each piece, like each space, is unique.

It began with the material. In keeping with their objective to create lighting that is artistic and personal, the team explored a few clay-like substances that allow light to penetrate and glow: porcelain and earthenware. 

As they tested and manipulated the materials, their creations became more representations of raw emotion and objects of art centered on the glow of a light source. The malleability of the material also allowed them to create pieces that were similar, yet differed due to the actual touch of the artisan’s hands.

More frequently materials feel manufactured and reproduced, where one product begins to look like another, lacking a human touch. At Crosland Emmons, every light has a story, a feeling, and the ability to evolve.