Crosland Emmons delivers handmade lighting designed to be customizabler. Formed from the belief that art can be functional and that lighting can make a statement, Crosland Emmons strives to bring the human touch back to interior spaces. A true collaboration between artist and designer.



Crosland Emmons believes every space has a unique story and like a good story, the ability to evolve.  Each CE lighting piece – from globe to accent – is made differently due to the touch of the makers’ hands.

To bring back a personal, artistic feel to lighting, designers have the ability to customize with accent pieces based the needs of a space or an individual’s desire change the look of their lighting on a whim. The lighting is not only made to be customizable and accessorize a room, but also make a declaration.


Each piece is signed by the maker, marking its unique origin. The Bone Collection pendant globes are available in sizes ranging from 6” – 12” in diameter (sizes may vary). Custom sizes are available upon request.

Accent pieces include, but are not limited to, sleeves, cuffs, rings, donuts and orbs.

Stem and canopy finishes include: raw brass, satin brass, and oil rubbed bronze. A stem is included with each light as well as square or round canopies in a matching finish.

The globes and accent pieces are handmade from earthenware and porcelain. Each piece is made individually.


Each piece has 120V illumination and comes with an integrated LED.
Wattage Lumens: 800 Lumens
Color Temperature: 2700 Kelvin
Bulb Life: 15,000 hours


Crosland Emmons currently sells direct.

Pricing + Lead Times

Please contact us with pricing inquiries. Custom pricing is available upon request.
Orders will take 6-8 weeks.


Currently we ship throughout US.  Please call to inquire about International shipping. Crosland Emmons works to ensure that shipments are properly packages and protected. In the unforeseen event of freight damage, Crosland Emmons will replace damaged pieces; however, you will be asked to submit photographs of damaged pieces in package.


Each piece can be easily installed by an electrician. Crosland Emmons provides the canopy, crossbar, bulbs, and a 36” or 72” stem, which can be cut on site. Globes and accessories are packaged separately.


All parts are UL certified.

For press inquiries please contact joslyn@functionatl.com